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A gazebo is a great place to spend time with friends and family on warm summer nights. But some people might not see it that way. Unless you take additional steps to make it more appealing, a plain old gazebo could seem like an eyesore in the backyard.

We understand the struggle of trying to find ways to make your gazebo look better than just a simple structure. To help you out, we have listed some ideas for how you can add lighting to your gazebo so that it looks less like an eyesore and more like something beautiful again.

You might not know what kind of lighting is best for your needs or where the ideal place would be in your backyard, but hopefully this blog post will you plenty of inspiration for what to do next!

Add Color With Lighted Gazebo Ornaments

One of the easiest ways to add color to the outside of your gazebo is by using LED lighted gazebo ornaments.

Most of these ornaments are designed to be hung outside (although you may want to protect them from rain or moisture), so you can place several of them around your gazebo to give it a nice glow. Ornaments like these come in all different colors, so you can choose whichever one will best match your gazebo and the rest of your backyard.

If you want to add color to your gazebo but you want to keep things simple, these ornaments are a great option.

Add Light With a Chasing LED Gazebo Strip

Another easy way to add light to the outside of your gazebo is by hanging a chasing LED gazebo strip. This type of gazebo light fixture is a long, thin piece of material that has LEDs embedded inside of it.

Depending on the model you choose, you can have these pieces either chase each other or stay in one place. If you want to add some movement to your gazebo, this is a great gazebo light fixture to consider.

Another thing that makes this option a good one is that it’s really easy to install. You can simply tie it to one of the beams in your gazebo, or you can use Command Strips to secure it directly to the wall of your gazebo.

There are a lot of different options for chasing LED gazebo strips, and you can choose the one that best matches your tastes and the colors of your gazebo.

Go Big With Bright, Neon Lights

If you want to light up your gazebo in a big way, neon gazebo lighting is the way to go. Neon lights are bright and colorful, which makes them a great choice for drawing attention to your gazebo and making it a fun place to be.

Add Some Flare with Strobes

If you want to add some flair to your gazebo, gazebo strobes are a great option to consider. These lights are designed to flash and flicker in a way that creates some pretty cool visual effects.

Basically, you can choose the color and the pattern that these lights will flicker in. This can make your gazebo seem like a fun, lively space that is perfect for entertaining guests.

One thing to keep in mind when thinking about gazebo strobes is that they can be a bit more complicated than other gazebo lights. You will need to make sure that you have the right wires and hardware in order to install them properly.

Install Flood Lights

If you want to light up the inside of your gazebo, flood lights are a great option to consider. Flood lights are a type of light that can be used inside or outside. This makes them a great choice for lighting up your gazebo.

If you choose to install flood lights in your gazebo, you can hang them from the beams and keep them on throughout the night. This will create a nice, consistent light inside your gazebo that will make it look really nice.

There are a ton of different floodlights out there, so you can choose whatever ones will best match your gazebo and the rest of your backyard.

Hanging Lanterns and Chimes

If you are looking for something a little bit different, you might want to consider hanging lanterns and chimes in your gazebo. Lanterns and chimes are great choices if you want to create a more low-key, relaxed vibe.

Lanterns are a perfect choice if you just want to add a few lights inside your gazebo. You can choose whatever colors you’d like and mix and match them to create a custom look. Chimes, on the other hand, are a great way to add sound to your gazebo. You can buy chimes in all different shapes and sizes, so there are tons of options out there for you.

Install a Gazebo Roof Light

If you want to light up your gazebo from above but you don’t want to install flood lights, you can install a gazebo roof light instead. A gazebo roof light is a light that you can install on top of your gazebo.

These are a great option if you want to light up your gazebo from above, but you want something a little more subtle than flood lights. There are a ton of different gazebo roof lights out there, so you can choose the one that best matches your tastes and the colors of your gazebo.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Putting up lighting around your gazebo is a great way to make it look even more beautiful. Whether you’re using your outdoor gazebo for parties, reading, or just relaxing, adding gazebo lighting is one of the best ways you can enhance its appearance and increase its usability.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about gazebo lighting so that you have all the information available before making any final decisions.

Do I need a permit for gazebo lighting?

This depends on where you live and where you plan on installing the lights. You should check with your local municipality to make sure that you don’t need a permit for the lights and that you install them in the correct place.

How do I install gazebo lighting?

Gazebo lights are often designed to be installed on the sides or roof of the gazebo. You can follow the instructions that come with your lights to install them properly.


Gazebos are a great way to extend your living space outdoors and are perfect for hosting parties, relaxing, or even just enjoying some alone time.

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending an evening in your gazebo with friends and family. To make your gazebo experience even more enjoyable, you can easily add some mood lighting and decorations to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

There are many different types of lighting you can use indoors and outdoors to create different moods. Some of the most common types of lighting include incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, and LED lights. You can also add decorations like blankets, pillows, and throw blankets to make your space more comfortable.

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