How We Work

Our renovation process is what helps us stand apart and deliver the best possible project.

We Are a Design Build Firm

What is a design build firm?

Without a structured process, your renovation project could end up over time, over budget, and not what you envisioned. The design build process helps solve these problems. We have adopted this process which encompasses the provision of a professionaly drawn plan for your project as well as personal time with a designer to help you select colors and materials that will provide you with a roadmap that we can then use to give you a precise proposal and provide all team members with a clearly defined path to follow which helps eliminate the above problems.

Where do you Start?

Initial Consultation

Before we begin any work, we want to make sure we fully understand your project and vision. If it looks like we aren’t a good fit for you, we won’t pressure you into working with us.

Give us a call 502-233-7616

Meet with Design Team

We believe that each project should allow the customer to bring to life everything that they vision. Meeting with our design team allows that to happen.

Build Your Project Map

Once you have determined and solidifed what you are looking for, we will build a project map for you, so that you know exactly what will be happening. No surprises from us. 

What’s Next?

Review of Project Plan

When we show up at your house on day 1, we will review the project plan with you to make sure the work we planned on is still the work you want done. 

Execution of Project

During the execution of our project with you, you will have access to all of our client tools that we offer to you, which allow you to check in, ask questions, and provide important communication.

Project Completion

At the end of your project, we want to ensure the entire process and delivery is what you expected. We will walk you through our wrap up process and make sure you leave excited about your new renovation.