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Interior Blinds in Louisville, KY.

When it comes to your home, several details add up to make all the difference. Even small changes can make a big difference in how your space feels. At Stickler Construction, we believe this is especially true regarding interior design and features in your home. Stickler Construction has been doing construction work for over 20 years and is a well-known local company that makes custom interior blinds for homes and businesses. We know how important it is for you to feel great about where you live, and that’s why we offer various interior services. Now it's your time to experience what our one-of-a-kind, tailored strategy for fashionable, economical window treatments can provide for your Louisville property.


As a locally-owned business, we were one of the first companies in Louisville to offer interior blinds. We have thousands of satisfied customers and have won several awards for excellence in design, customer service, and quality workmanship.

Initial Consultation

Before we begin any work, we want to make sure we fully understand your project and vision. If it looks like we aren’t a good fit for you, we won’t pressure you into working with us.

Meet With Design Team

We hire the best interior blind craftsmen in Louisville. Our employees are trained to use only the highest quality materials and proper construction techniques. We are licensed and insured and have been in business for many years. 

We believe that each project should allow the customer to bring to life everything that they vision. Meeting with our design team allows that to happen.

Build Your Project Map

Once you have determined and solidified what you are looking for, we will build a project map for you, so that you know exactly what will be happening. No surprises from us.

The Interior Blinds Crafting Process


We highly recommend getting a few measurements before contacting your designers to discuss your project. This will help them prepare a more accurate estimate and ensure your interior blinds meet all the things you need.

Design Layout:

The design layout is the visual representation of your new interior blinds. It takes into account the desired size of your interior blinds. Every space is different, and your designers can help you create the perfect layout for your home. They can also incorporate the interior design of your home when creating new interior blinds.

Construction and installation:

We will start by measuring the area of your windows and doors. We will also discuss the materials you would like to use in your blinds. The materials used for your new interior blinds will vary based on your budget and taste.


What’s better than relaxing inside your home? With interior blinds, you can give your home the privacy you need and a living space where friends and family will not need to worry about the harsh sunlight.

When To Install Interior Blinds

Interior blinds can help you save energy when the weather is extra cold, hot, or when the sun is too bright. They can also make your home look cozier and more secure when you want to keep unwanted eyes out.

Interior blinds make it easy to control the light and privacy in your home and are a must-have for any home.

Types of Interior Blinds

There are many interior blinds available, each with its own benefits. Below are a few of the most common types of interior blinds that you can choose from:

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are vertical blinds available in a wide range of colors and patterns. They are great for controlling light and privacy in any room of the house and can also be used to cover large windows and patio doors.

Roller blinds

These are a good choice for light control, and they are easy to operate with one hand. They are an excellent choice for any room in the house, and easy to clean as well.

Mini blinds

These are an excellent solution for light control and privacy, and are simple to maintain. They are suitable for any room in the house and are available in both corded and cordless versions.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great choice for large windows and patio doors, as they are designed to cover larger surfaces. They are available in both corded and cordless styles, and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Advantages of Interior Blinds

As you can see, interior blinds have many different benefits. They can help you save energy, make your home look cozier and more secure, and are also an easy way to control the light and privacy in your home.

Whether you’re choosing roller blinds, mini blinds, or another type, you will be glad you added these features to your home.



Our Commitment

At Stickler Construction, we take interior design seriously. We understand how important it is for your home to reflect your style, personality, and needs. That is why we work closely with you to understand your design goals and create a plan for how we can help you achieve those goals.

We will work with you to select materials, create a timeline for when each project needs to be completed, and communicate all details along the way. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your transition from builder to homeowner, and we want you to feel proud of the space you’re living in.

We offer free estimates and are always upfront about costs and timelines, so there are no surprises along the way. We ensure that each customer is happy with the end result and has a great place to relax after a long day. If you’re ready to add value and enjoyment to your home with a custom interior blind, give us a call today.

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Leaving an impression on your guests is easy with Made in the Shade. From modern to traditional, blinds work in any room.

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